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H-4 Issues
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    My wife is currently working on OPT (F1-Visa) which is valid untill OCT 2016. She has applied for OPT extension and if that is granted by USCIS then she will be able to work on OPT until May 2017 .

    As my I-140 is approved, I believe my spouse can work on the EAD based on my approved I140 , therefore, I wanted to shift her to H4 EAD status

    I would like to know, if there is a way, that her work status can be shifted from OPT EAD to the H-4 EAD (based on my approved I-140) with out having...

    Transitioning directly from F1 OPT to H4 EAD without taking break from job

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  • 07/11/16--16:37: Different Service Centers
  • Greetings!! I have a situation and i need help getting out of it.
    My employer filed H1 extension for me and H4 extension my wife at California Service Center in Dec 2015. H1 got RFE which was responded. Both H1 and H4 are still pending a decision.

    In the meantime, I moved to a new contract and location, so my employer applied for a new H1 (with new title) at Vermont Service Center under premium processing. This got approved. So, i applied for a fresh H4 along with H4 EAD for my wife...

    Different Service Centers

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  • 07/18/16--23:08: B1/B2 to H-4 visa
  • Hi,
    Currently, I am on H-1 visa and my visa expires in May 2017. I plan to file my I-140 (EB-1A, fast-track) in September 2016 so that I can get my EAD card much before my visa expires.
    My husband is working for a MNC company in India. Currently, he is on B1/B2 visa as he visited US last year to attend some meeting in his company.
    We would like him to come here on H-4 visa and then together file I-485.
    My question is following.

    1. Do you suggest him to apply for his H4 visa before...

    B1/B2 to H-4 visa

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  • 07/24/16--20:17: H4-H1 COS
  • Hi,

    My spouse is in H4 and she applied for H1, Its been picked in lottery and it is not yet approved.

    We are planning to travel India this September and return by March 2017.

    I have two queries

    1)Case 1: If visa approved directly - Will she be able to return in H4 itself ?Can we request for the Change of status after March 2017 once we are back to US

    2)Case 2"If visa goes to RFE - Can she travel to India if her status is still in RFE in september while travelling?

    Travel is...

    H4-H1 COS

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    I got married in Aug 2016 and my husband is working in US on H1B and my H4 visa is being applied by his employer. The issue is that i got a H1B rejected in 2013 due to lack of evidence provided by Company during RFE. The company applying for my H1B were paid consultants, I paid them to apply my H1B, but they couldn't produce proper docs for RFE.

    Next year, in 2014 my tourist visa got rejected, during interview for tourist visa I was asked about my previous H1B rejection. The question was:...

    H4 application when H1B rejected 3yrs back & tourist visa rejected 2 yrs back

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    - I am on H1B
    - My I-140 is approved.
    - Got EAD for my wife.
    - Next year (2017-18) my Son will go to college (arizona state university)
    - Is is eligible for in-state tution fees?
    - He is trying for dual registration to get college credits from community college and they are considering my son as international student and charging high credit fees (almost 4 to 5 times more).
    - College gave me attached page for in-state eligibility.

    7. Immediate classifi cation as an in-state student shall be...

    H4 dependent eligible for in-state tution fees

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  • 11/14/16--13:17: H4 to H1 complications
  • Hi Experts,

    I request your kind help to find the answer of my questions below.
    It will be really helpfull to understand the options and complications.
    Thanks much for your support.

    I am in H1 and have a valid I797/I94 till 1/9/2017. My H1 extension is filed with USCIS just today 11/14/2016.
    My spouse is in H4 now with a valid I94 till 1/9/2017. I have also applied for her H4 extension along with my H1 extension today (11/14/2016).
    My spouse has accepted a job offer on July 2016 and her...

    H4 to H1 complications

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    My spouse recently moved to US on H4 and will be receiving H4 EAD soon. Prior to her move, she was employed as a senior manager in a textile manufacturing start-up in India. The company is growing well and wants to expand their business in US. They want my spouse to start a branch of their company in US while she is on H4 EAD. She will be employed as the Director - US operations.

    If the business in US grows, hires more employees and remains in operation after a year, can the same company...

    Can a company file for GC in EB1-C while the beneficiary is on H4-EAD?

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  • 01/05/17--10:06: H1 to H4 from india
  • Currently my wife is on H1 status. She applied for change of status(H1 to H4) on August 2016 from US.Due to some emergency she travelled to India during the processing(nov 2016). Her visa got denied due to the applicant not physical present in US during the processing. Can some please tell me the process for filing change of status(h1 to h4) from india. I have the knowledge of scheduling an appointment for H4 in embassy. Is the change of status, same as filing H4 from india or is it...

    H1 to H4 from india

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    My spouse employer filed two different 797 for him. One was a PP filed in june and got approved in 15days valid till Aug 2017 and other one was a normal processing which was filled in april and got approved in Jan 2017 valid till april 2019.

    I filed my h4 ead in dec from Opt to h4 and Ead concurrent filling on the basis of PP 797. So my h4 ead was approved till aug 2017.

    now i want to renew it on the basis of other 797- which is valid till apr 2019. Do I have to file for h4 status...

    H4 ead renewal with h4 status

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    I am getting married on July 17th 2017. I have the following questions regarding submitting DS160 for my TO BE spouse:

    1. Can I submit DS160 now for my TO BE spouse with status as 'married'? Interview will be scheduled after marriage i.e. on 26th Jul 2017

    2. If yes to above point, certain forum do not advise to do so. Could this result in denial for H4?

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    Hello all,

    I have a question regarding L1 and transfer to H4.

    My spouse has just got her H1 selected in the lottery and I am on L1.

    I would like to apply for Dependent visa H4 (subject to approval of my spouse's H1), however, I would like to continue working on L-1A for now. And if needed, I can change later to H4 once my wife's I-140 is approved.

    So I want to initiate H4 dependent visa and keep it ready.

    Please advise how I can make these possible?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Both me and my spouse-to-be are divorcees. We are both Indian citizens. We are getting married this month end. I'm on H1B and she will be on H4. For my DS160, I selected my Marital Status as Divorced (since I'm currently divorced). But since she's filling out a H4 DS160, the system isn't letting her specify her marital status as Divorced and specify me as her principal applicant. Should she set her Marital Status as Married and provide my information as her spouse since her H4 will...

    Divorced and Remarriage. H1B and H4

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    Can I take my wife and child from India to USA in H4 Visa during my H1B transfer is in progress.
    1. Will there is problem in Immigration and Port of entry ?
    2. Do i need to apply for H4 transfer also ?
    3. if it is required, can i apply for them once they reached US ?

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    My spouse is applying for H4 visa next month in India. We realized that an original marriage certificates is required. We have original marriage license from the US while both of us were studying here nor from India.
    Kindly help me to get around Indian marriage certificate.

    1. Will US marriage license suffice the requirement at the US embassy for marriage certificate?

    2. In absence of Indian marriage certificate, can he present affidavits? What exact affidavits would be required?...

    H4 visa and US marriage certificate

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    So I was visiting the US in November 2016 of last year and I was staying with a girl that I had liked for a long time. I was to come back to India in a couple of weeks, but one thing led to another and we started staying together. Soon enough we realised that we wanted to get married. We spoke to our parents and they gave us their blessings.

    Now the girl is sikh and I am hindu, so to keep things neutral, we decided to get married in Las Vegas in a church (We ended up saving a lot of...

    URGENT HELP NEEDED - H4 Application

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    I am a Canadian Citizen and was working in the US on L1-B visa.

    I found out today morning that my Employer as let me go and my L1 visa is not valid anymore.

    He informed me that I have 60 days grace period to obtain valid status in US or I will have to leave.

    My husband is on H1-B status in US, so I am planning to switch from L1 to H4 status.

    My question is, can I travel to Canada and re-enter in US on H4 status, or will I need to file a change of status from within the US.

    I live...

    L1-B to H4 - Canadian Citizen

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    My friend spouse i94 expired on Aug 18th and i have believed it is August 25th 2017 so have initiated the process on August 20th. Our attorney filed the I-539 extension on August 27th stating the above reason. But the application is denied saying the extension would have been filed by August 25th as we believed. Could you please help and let us know how to proceed further.

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    I am a Polish citizen currently present in US on F1 Visa. I will be doing a court marriage with a Chinese national in the US.
    I am planning to take my future husband's surname.

    Updating my surname in my Polish passport is a long and time taking process. I am planning to go to Poland right after our wedding to see my family and a small ceremony there.
    Will it be possible to do something like this:

    1. Get married here in the US and then get the marriage certificate (the name on it will be...

    Can I get a valid US visa with my new surname (after marriage) on a passport which has old surname?

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    One of my friends is currently on F1 visa and have worked for almost 11 months under the table paid in cash (no contract or ssn is linked). She is getting married now to an H1B (I-140 approved) visa holder and wants to change her status to H4 and later be a dependent on his green card application.

    She talked to an immigration lawyer and the lawyer suggested that she should go back to home country and apply for H4 visa there. In the DS-160 which asks about "have you ever violated your...

    Possibility of H4 with unauthorized unemployment on F1?